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November 11, 2012
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You plopped down on the couch and lazily reached for the remote for the TV and started to flip through the channels. You parents decided to go out and you were left at home by yourself. It was going to be another relaxing and quiet night. Or so you thought...

"______!!!!!" Alfred burst through the door, almost breaking the door off the hinge.

"What the fuck, Alfred!!!" You said angrily while holding a pillow close to your chest, trying to get over your mini heart attack.

"You gotta watch this creepy-ass movie with me." He said with a trembling voice. He held up Paranormal Activity 3.

"Why don't you go watch it with Arthur or Matthew or something." You asked as you got off the couch, somewhat annoyed that  he ruined your quiet evening.

"Brows said he was busy and Matt said he had hockey practice! Please!!! I can't watch this by myself!"

"No! You can't just break into people's homes and ask them to watch a movie with you! Are you out of your mind!?"

"______!" He dropped to his knees and wrapped his arms around your legs. "Please!? I'm not letting go 'till you say yes!" He hugged your legs tighter.

Your cheeks turned a light shade of pink and you tried to wiggle out of his grasp.

"Fine! I'll watch the movie with you! Just let go of me!"

"Yeah! Let's watch this baby!" He skipped to the TV in long strides and popped the movie into the DVD player.

You sighed and grudgingly walked back to the couch. This going to be a long night...


You met Alfred at school. You were known as 'creepy girl' or 'outcast'. You were the kind of girl that didn't talk to anyone unless spoken too. Other girls at your school would spend their days at school fixing their hair, putting on makeup, or flirting with the popular boys.

You didn't. You would rather have your nose buried in a book, hoping no one would notice you. But someone did.

Alfred was the new kid at the school. Within a week, he became the school football team's new quarterback. He was instantly very popular. But it wasn't just because he was the quarterback. He had a certain air to him that could make anyone one smile. A smile that was very contagious.

You two had Biology together. You despised Alfred. You despised how cheerful and happy he was. You despised how air-headed and dense he was. You despised everything about him. But that all changed one day when you guys became lab partners. Despite your differences, you guys managed to become very good friends. You often wondered how and why you became friends with such a annoying person.

~End Flashback~

Alfred sat down next to you and started to hug a pillow as the movie started.

~1 hour later~

"Such a boring movie." You sighed halfway through the movie.

"OH GOD!!! IT FAHKING MOVED!!!" Alfred screamed. He threw the pillow up in the air and started to hug your waist in fear.

Your face turned scarlet and tried to pry off his arm, which had an iron grip on you.

"Let go of me you idiot!" You said, trying to wriggle away from him.

He didn't say anything. He just kept his eyes glued shut and hugged you tight. You sighed in defeat and continued to watch the movie. You noticed that he wouldn't stop shaking. In a attempt to comfort him, you started to stroke his hair.

He froze.

"Hey. Alfred? You okay?" You ask with a bit of confusion in your voice.

"Nantucket..." He said quietly.


You were cut short when you felt yourself get tackled to the ground. You braced yourself for impact, but it didn't come. You opened your eyes only to see that Alfred pinned you down on the floor. His eyes were glazed over and he had a dark blush on his face.

"You shouldn't have done that." He said in a low sultry voice.


He leaned down and placed a soft kiss on your lips. His lips were surprisingly very soft and warm. You suddenly got very flustered and tried to push him off.

"Get off of me!" You demanded, trying to hide your blush with your hands.

"I don't want to."

"I mean it, Jones! If-"

"I'm not getting off 'till you tell me something."

He stayed silent for awhile, then he finally said, "Do you like me?"


"You heard me."

"Of course. Your my best friend-"

"You know what I meant."

"Yes. I mean no. I don't know..."

"Yes, you do."

You stayed quiet and turned your head away from him, trying not to meet his gaze

"Well, I like you," He said quietly. "More than just friend. I've always have."

"Wha?" You blushed madly.

"So... Do you like me back?"

You blushed and turned your head away again.

Then finally you said, "I guess..... Yeah..."

The last part came out in a whisper.

He smiled sweetly and kissed you on the brow.

"Your so cute, ______. So does this mean we're going out?"

"I-I already said I liked you, didn't I?"

"I'll take that as a yes," He laughed.

He leaned down and gave you another kiss. You hesitantly wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him back. You guys stopped when you heard the door open, only to see a surprised pair of parents. You suddenly realized that you were still pinned under Alfred, and that it looked bad in your parent's perspective.

"Ummm... Hi Dad... Hi Mom..." You said timidly.

Your Dad walk walked pass you guys while you, Alfred, and your mother looked at him in confusion. He walked over to the closet and pulled out a rifle, loaded it, and cocked the gun.

"Oh shi- Hold on Dad! It's not what it looks like!"

Let's just say you two had lots of explaining to do.
:iconamericaw00tplz: Yeah! First story! It's my first reader insery story. So I apologize if it sucks ^^; Sorry if he's a bit OOC.

EDIT- Holy crapola! So many favorites! :iconfinallyplz: So guys are so awesome for favoriting this sucky reader-insert :iconletmehugyouplz:

America (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Paranormal Activity 3 (c) Paramount Pictures
You (c) :iconsexyamericaplz:
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