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January 22, 2013
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Just one week away from the most important day of a high school girl. Prom. According to the prissy girls from school at least. You hated that word so much. Why should you have to buy a dress that costs hundreds of dollars just so you could wear it once for a couple of hours. It just didn't make sense to you. You would rather stay home, sitting on the couch with your favorite ice cream, and laugh at the stupid people that are wasting their time and money at a stupid dance. You hated dances that much. But knowing your mom, she wasn't going to let that fly. You are more or less being forced to go, whether you liked it or not.

~At school~

"________!!!" (f/n) squealed as she almost tackled you to the ground.

"Eh?... What is it?" You asked, feeling an anime sweat drop roll down you temple.

"Matt! The Matt Williams, just asked me out to prom!"

Oh hell no.

"Ehehehe... That's great..."

"I know! Right?"

Fuck no! There is no way in hell I'm letting her go out with THAT guy. If he tries to take her virginity, I swear, I will kick him in the b-

"Oh yeah! Do you have a date to the prom, ________?"

"Not really."

"You should ask Al! It can be like a double date!"

Hell. To. The. No.

"Haha, yeeeah. No way that's going to happen."

(f/n) pouted. "Come on, ________! It would be fun!"

What part of that is fun!?

To be honest, you hated Al. You hated his guts. He would always tease you at lunch and in between classes. He seemed to make bothering you a hobby of his. To be blunt, it's extremely annoying. He is also pretty popular at school, which is another reason you dislike him. He was a baseball All-star. All the guys wanted to be him and all the girls just want to be with him. You had to admit, he was pretty good looking. But why couldn't he just bother some other girl? Surely, there had to be much prettier girls (ones that actually WANT his attention) that he could bother.

"Oh! There he is now!" (f/n) pointed excitedly.

And there he was. The brown-haired asshole that gets on your nerves so much. He met your gaze, stared for a few seconds, then gave you a cocky grin.

That asshole...

"Look! He's coming this way! I think I'll leave you guys alone!" (f/n) spun around and skipped happily towards Matt.

"Wait! Don't leave me with this g-"

"'Sup, babe?"

You sighed and slowly turned around.

"'Sup, numb-nuts?" You said mockingly.

"Well, that's not very nice." He pouted, took your face in his hands, and began to pinch your cheeks.

"Owowowowowowowow! What the hell do you want?"

"Look, I need to ask you something."

"What?" You asked bitterly while rubbing your abused cheeks.

"...Go to the dance with me?"

... Eh?

You felt your face heat up. "W-what?"

"Look, I'm not saying it again. Yes or no?"

"No!" You said defiantly.

You spun around on your heel and walked away heatedly.

Al smirked. "Hmmm... feisty AND cute. She really is something... I need to make her mine."

~At the dance~

You let out a long sigh and leaned against the wall awkwardly as a slow song started to play. Well, I'm here mom. Happy now? You wore a (l/s) (d/c) that your mom picked out. You just wanted the dance to end as quickly as possible so you can take off the ridiculous dress and wipe off the cruddy makeup.

"Well, look what we have here. You're looking sexy tonight."

"What do you want, Al?" You sighed.

"Not dancing?"

"I don't dance." You said flatly.

"Sure you do. Come dance with me."

"I'm good."

"Sorry, babe. I don't take no for an answer twice." He took your arms and dragged you to the dance floor.

"H-hey! Hold on a second."

"Not a chance, doll." He wrapped his arms around your waist and buried his face in the crook of your neck.

You stood there awkwardly, not sure what to do, as everyone slow danced around you. Finally, you just sighed in surrender and wrapped your arms around his neck.

After a few minutes of swaying, you felt his hands travel south.

"Al..." You growled.

"Just having some fun." He said giving your butt a few pats.

"I will hurt you."

"But you have such a nice pair of b-"

He was stopped abruptly as you stomped on his foot.

"Owowow! Okay, I'll stop... Ah well, love hurts."

You blushed furiously at the last part, which barely came out audible.

"Wah!? What do you mean love h-"

He placed a soft kiss on your lips.

What!? You mind went blank, trying to process what just happened.

"W-what do you think your- Eep!" You squeaked quietly as he gave you a light bite on your neck.

"You make such cute noises."

"I do not! Stop teasing me! It's not funny!"

"Teasing? Yeah... Let's keep it like that..."


"C'mon, the dance is over. I'll take you home." He said guiding you towards the exit.

"I-I can go home by myself! I don't need your help!"

"No you can't. A girl can't go home by herself at night."

You blushed. Maybe... just maybe... He isn't so bad after all.

"Now come on!" He smacked you on the ass. "Can't have other guys looking at MY girl."

"Who the hell said I was yours!?"

This asshole...
Art trade with :iconraphaelatheturtel:

Another tsundere reader insert :iconyayamericaplz:

:iconwtfisthisplz: Oh god... I should never be allowed to write again! :iconcraiplz: :iconheaddeskplz: I tried to get his personality right :shrug: Oh well

You (c) :iconsexyrussiaplz: Because you shall become one with Mother Russia, Da?
Just kidding XD You belong to this guy: :icon2pamericaplz:
Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
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Me: Fuck dis shit. *runs off to russia*

Al: hey where do you think you're going doll face?

Me: TO RUSSIA! I shall never be " "yours" you asshole!

Al: really now?

Me: YES!

Al: I think not * tries to grab me but misses and gets hit on the head with Russia's pipe*

Al: the fuck?!

Russia: she is MY sunflower da?

Me: yay! Russia this asshole was trying to make me "his"

Russia: *evil aura* kolkolkolkolkolkolkol...

Me:come on russia let's go home*walks off with russia*
*becomes red* asshole..... just when you are about to make yourself look not half bad you do something retarted........ *blushes even worse* j-jerk..... (this is actually my personality in a nutshell. I do not go to dances but I do sit on my but eat ice cream and watch anime!!!!)
*face flushes scarlet. sulks in emo corner* this fits me way too well for comfort....
except that i wanted to go to prom (which i did; i'm not that much of a gamer sadly)
Ha! I skipped prom and played video games! Good thing too cuz someone brought weed to it and the cops came -_-"
That describes my exact emotions to prom! I intend on getting out of it if I can.....
ShionxZero Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Chapter2!!! XD
PrussiaLover01 Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
damn hehe smooth move there
I totally love this story. Can there be a part 2? Explaining what happened after prom?
SmileGirlX0X0 Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

 Ha ha ha no Al. You would ignore me if I was yours. And when I would ask you what you wanted to eat you would ignore me, there for I would drop kick the TV you were watching to Matt's house then threaten to smash your balls into pasta, and call Matt a Canadian Bitch weave when he would call to ask why there was a TV in his yard.



Me: you have angered the beast matt be afraid...very afraid
Al:why should he be afraid of her
Me: she owns 100 guns and 25 knives plus she punched someone in the face and sent them to the hospital 
Al:well damn
Me: HAHAHAHAHAH you're screwed 
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