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SpainxPregnant!Reader- The Magic of Pregnancy
You rub your temples in a slow, circular motion. Having migraines while being pregnant was NOT fun. Though pregnancy was supposed to be a beautiful thing, but for the last nine months, you've felt like you've been placed into a living hell. Well, maybe you're exaggerating a little bit, but it hasn't exactly been easy. What with the food cravings, morning sickness, mood swings, swollen ankles and back pain, it certainly felt like a little slice of hell.
For a moment, you actually felt a bit sorry for the Spaniard, who had to go through your constant mood swings and frequent trips to the grocery store. But nonetheless, he was very understanding despite the fact he was a clueless airhead. It made you smile a bit and appreciate him just a bit more. Then the dull throbbing in your head finally made itself known once more, and you scowled slightly. Hauling yourself up from the couch with a groan, you waddled to kitchen to find coffee, hoping that the caffeine might dull the pain in your head
:iconawesomeninjaperson12:awesomeninjaperson12 651 171
2p! America X Tsundere! Reader- Prom Night
Just one week away from the most important day of a high school girl. Prom. According to the prissy girls from school at least. You hated that word so much. Why should you have to buy a dress that costs hundreds of dollars just so you could wear it once for a couple of hours. It just didn't make sense to you. You would rather stay home, sitting on the couch with your favorite ice cream, and laugh at the stupid people that are wasting their time and money at a stupid dance. You hated dances that much. But knowing your mom, she wasn't going to let that fly. You are more or less being forced to go, whether you liked it or not.
~At school~
"________!!!" (f/n) squealed as she almost tackled you to the ground.
"Eh?... What is it?" You asked, feeling an anime sweat drop roll down you temple.
"Matt! The Matt Williams, just asked me out to prom!"
Oh hell no.
"Ehehehe... That's great..."
"I know! Right?"
Fuck no! There is no way in hell I'm letting her go out with THAT guy. If he tries
:iconawesomeninjaperson12:awesomeninjaperson12 540 346
America x Shy!Tsundere!Reader- Paranormal Activity
You plopped down on the couch and lazily reached for the remote for the TV and started to flip through the channels. You parents decided to go out and you were left at home by yourself. It was going to be another relaxing and quiet night. Or so you thought...
"______!!!!!" Alfred burst through the door, almost breaking the door off the hinge.
"What the fuck, Alfred!!!" You said angrily while holding a pillow close to your chest, trying to get over your mini heart attack.
"You gotta watch this creepy-ass movie with me." He said with a trembling voice. He held up Paranormal Activity 3.
"Why don't you go watch it with Arthur or Matthew or something." You asked as you got off the couch, somewhat annoyed that  he ruined your quiet evening.
"Brows said he was busy and Matt said he had hockey practice! Please!!! I can't watch this by myself!"
"No! You can't just break into people's homes and ask them to watch a movie with you! Are you out of your mind!?"
"______!" He dropped to his knees and
:iconawesomeninjaperson12:awesomeninjaperson12 442 208


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